Program Structure


The ACAF program is built to deliver technical skills that get you ahead, in a way that is:

Using authentic business scenarios with hands-on use of accounting and business software.
With valuable workplace skills such as ethics and communications woven into the program.
With electives to give you the best opportunities for advancement in a career area of your choice.
Study at your own pace and complete the program within two to three years (part-time), or sooner, depending on credits previously earned.

ACAF Program Structure


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  • Five entry courses: Prior to enrolling in any technical courses, it is recommended you successfully complete Introductory Financial Accounting, Introductory Management Accounting, Intermediate Financial Reporting I, Intermediate Financial Reporting II, and Business Law. These courses are required prerequisites for specific technical and applied courses.
  • Six technical courses: These courses build on the typical two-year college accounting diploma program, providing intermediate-to-advanced-level technical content in financial reporting, corporate finance, audit and assurance, taxation, management accounting and information technology.
  • Five applied courses: These courses enhance your existing accounting education and experience with the additional technical knowledge, IT applications, communications and workplace skills needed to progress in your career.
  • ACAF National Examination: The final step towards earning your ACAF certification is to successfully write the ACAF exam. The exam is administered by the CPA Western School of Business and is offered three times per year. To view upcoming exam dates and to register for the exam, please visit the CPA Western School of Business.

Note: All entry and technical courses must be successfully completed before enrolling in any applied courses. Ethics and Workplace Skills and Accounting Software Applications are prerequisites for other applied courses.

ACAF course studies can be completed through select post-secondary institutions across Canada. (see Where is ACAF offered?)