ACAF Entrance Requirements

Prior to enrolling in any technical courses, students must have successfully completed the following five entry courses, typically covered in an accounting diploma program:

  • Introductory Financial Accounting
  • Introductory Management Accounting
  • Intermediate Financial Reporting 1
  • Intermediate Financial Reporting 2
  • Business Law

These five courses are prerequisites for specific technical and applied courses.

You can meet the entry requirements through CPA preparatory courses if you have completed 30 credit hours of study at a recognized post-secondary institution or three years of relevant work experience which includes exposure to accounting and/or finance functions. Entry requirements and technical course exemptions can also be met by demonstrating completion of substantially equivalent courses at a recognized post-secondary institution.

Admission to the ACAF program also requires you to be able to use Microsoft Excel to:

  • format a spreadsheet or a block of cells
  • enter and edit formulas, values and text using relative and absolute referencing
  • copy, move and protect cells
  • insert and delete columns and rows
  • use basic financial, statistical and mathematical functions
  • create and print charts and graphs, create data tables


ACAF Transfer Credit Guide

The ACAF Prerequisites and Advanced Standing Transfer Credit Guide outlines the course equivalents offered by major universities and colleges in Manitoba which are required for entry into the ACAF and, if applicable, advanced standing consideration.

ACAF Program Transfer Credit Guide


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