Delivery of Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) courses transitioning to post-secondary institutionsAn important change is coming soon to CPA Canada’s ACAF program. As of January 2018, delivery of the ACAF program will transition from the CPA profession to select post-secondary institutions (PSIs) across Canada.

The final semester in which ACAF applied courses will be offered through the CPA Western School of Business is Fall 2017. The registration deadline for fall semester applied courses now closed. September 14 is the registration deadline for Ethics and Workplace Skills. ACAF entry and technical courses will continue to be offered as usual through the CPA preparatory courses or through PSIs where applicable.

Students enrolled in the ACAF program as of December 31, 2017 will receive a supported transition to a post-secondary partner, where they will complete the remainder of the program. ACAF-accredited post-secondary institutions will be announced over the coming months. An online course delivery option will remain available through specific PSI(s) for those who wish to continue the program via online study.

CPA Canada is in the process of developing the ACAF National Examination which will be administered through the CPA provincial/regional bodies. Students completing the program through PSIs will need to successfully pass the ACAF National Examination to earn the certificate.

Though the delivery of ACAF courses is changing, the quality and scope of the program is not. The certificate will continue to be the only accounting certificate in Canada that provides a national standard of training recognized by Canada’s CPA profession.

The CPA Canada Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) is a nationally recognized certificate for those seeking a challenging and rewarding career in accounting and finance, but not as a CPA.

Whether you’re a new college graduate from a two-year program, working in an accounting function without a recognized credential, or an internationally trained accountant wanting to work in Canada, the CPA Canada ACAF provides the applied accounting and finance skills necessary to enhance career prospects in accounting and finance.

As a certificate holder, you will qualify for junior and intermediate-level accounting jobs in business, not-for-profit and government, as well as CPA-supervised positions in public accounting.

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