CPA Fall Recruitment

Manitoba post-secondary students who are interested in obtaining a position with an organization that offers a pre-approved program route are invited to participate in the annual CPA Fall Recruitment.

Be sure to check with your university’s faculty Career Development Centre for additional resources and support.

2019 Important Dates UofM UofW
ASBAA Wine & Cheese TBA TBA
Student Interview Sign-up TBA TBA
First Interviews (On Campus) TBA TBA
Second Interviews Start TBA TBA
Offers Extended (Fulltime) TBA TBA
Students Accept/Decline by TBA TBA


For more information about Fall Recruitment deadlines, please contact:

Asper School of Business Career Development Centre, University of Manitoba

Kathy Kirkpatrick Ph: 204-474-6549 Email:

University of Winnipeg

Christy Campbell Ph: 204-786-9990 Email:


Job Postings

Job postings during fall recruitment can be accessed through either our CPA Job Postings page, or through your university:

Brandon University

University of Manitoba

University of Winnipeg



Pre-approved Program Route Organizations

Click here for a current listing of pre-approved program route offices in Manitoba.


Support Sessions

Participating universities will host information sessions on campus during the month of September to support students participating in fall recruitment. Sessions are held to provide an overview of the recruitment process as well as on how to fill out a CACEE form. Please check with your Career Development Centre for more information.