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To begin on the pathway to earning a CPA designation you must complete a formal transcript assessment. All transcript assessments in western Canada are performed by the CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) on post-secondary education gained within Canada (domestic) and outside of Canada (international).


Begin a Transcript Assessment

The first step to requesting a formal transcript assessment is to create a My CPA Profile through the CPAWSB website.

My CPA Profile

The next step is to request a transcript assessment through your My CPA Profile. If you need help, please review the CPAWSB Program Enrollment Guide which contains the complete steps for requesting a transcript assessment as well as enrolling into CPA PEP, or CPA preparatory courses, if eligible, once your assessment is completed.


Domestic Transcript Assessment – $100 CDN

Applicants submitting domestic education (gained within Canada) must have their official documents mailed to the CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) directly from the post-secondary institution(s) in a sealed envelope. Opened documents or unofficial copies will not be accepted. Exemptions are granted based on equivalencies that have been established with the various Canadian post-secondary institutions. View transfer credit guides for major post-secondary institutions in Manitoba here.

International Transcript Assessment – $100 CDN

Applicants who have completed CPA related prerequisite courses at international post-secondary institutions must submit the international transcript assessment request. This includes courses recognized as transfer credit towards a Canadian university degree.

Applicants who have completed any education outside of Canada must submit a third-party verification. The CPAWSB recommends contacting World Education Services to request an International Credential Advantage Package (WES ICAP). If you purchase the WES ICAP you will need to have your official transcripts sent to them. The CPAWSB will receive a copy of your official transcripts directly from WES so, therefore, you DO NOT need to submit your transcripts directly to CPAWSB.

If you submit third-party verification in any other way than a WES ICAP, you will need to have the official post-secondary transcript(s) mailed directly from the institution in a sealed envelope to the CPAWSB. The third-party verification must be completed by one of the registered assessment services within the Alliance of Credential Evaluations Services of Canada (ACESC) and sent directly from the issuer to CPAWSB.


Important Notes

Internationally Designated Accountants

If you have earned a professional accounting designation, and are a current member in good standing with an accounting body that is a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), you may be eligible for entrance to or advanced standing within the CPA certification program.  When completing your assessment request, enter the information in your education history under the designation tab.  You will be required to submit additional documentation for advanced standing consideration, including a confirmation letter of good standing from the accounting body and details of practical experience.

International credential recognition: Frequently asked questions

English as an additional language

Should English be an additional language, it is important to recognize that high levels of English speaking and writing skills are essential to finding success in PEP, CPA preparatory courses, and ACAF. While not required, it is highly recommended that students score at least an 8 on the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks test prior to enrolling.

Course Evaluation

CPA preparatory course waiver(s) can be granted for internationally educated students in non-core courses including Introductory Financial Accounting, Introductory Management Accounting, Economics, Statistics, and Information Technology where a specific equivalency standard may be unclear, but it is determined that there is sufficient coverage in the foundation topic area as related to the CPA requirements.

To be considered for core module exemptions, an applicant must provide detailed documentation that outlines specific course coverage, applicable text(s), and evaluation criteria. Note that Taxation and Business Law require Canadian content.

Courses are assessed at a minimum international grade conversion of 50% for non-core modules and 60% for core modules.

Notarized transcripts

If there is absolutely no way for you to have official transcripts sent from the post-secondary institution you attended to WES or to CPAWSB, CPAWSB will accept an official third-party verification, sent directly from the issuer to CPAWSB, for degree recognition only (without the official transcripts or WES ICAP no transfer credit can be recognized).

Proof of Name Change

Confirmation of name change must be submitted if the applicant’s name on the transcript is different from that provided in the profile.