CPA Professional Education Program

CPA accreditation is earned through the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP). It prioritizes both academic study and relevant practical experience.

The program is offered through a series of modules to provide candidates with greater flexibility and the ability to customize their training toward a specific industry or area of focus. There is an evaluation after each module, which candidates must pass before proceeding to the next one.

The program is part-time study, during which candidates gain practical experience.

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Minimum 30 months relevant Practical Experience
Qualifying Professional Experience for Public Accounting

A period of supervised field experience offering candidates the opportunity to develop and demonstrate:

• Ethical behavior and professionalism

• Competency development in accordance with CPA requirements

Two equally rigorous experience pathways:

• Approved path: positions offered by offices/organizations in training paths that are approved by the profession

• Experience verification: positions supervised/mentored by a CPA who may or may not be employed by the candidate’s employer

Professional Education Program (PEP)

Academic Prerequisites

1 Core

2 Core

1 Elective

2 Elective

Capstone Integrative Module

Capstone Evaluation Preparation

Final Evaluation


Get Started

Ready to apply for CPA PEP?

CPA PEP requires a minimum 120 credit hour Canadian degree (or recognized equivalent) of any discipline along with required subject area coverage.

First, find out if your degree meets the prerequisite courses coverage required for CPA PEP by submitting a transcripts assessment request.

Second, if your degree is missing any of the necessary prerequisite courses, you may complete the equivalent coursework at a recognized post-secondary institution or through the CPA Preparatory Courses.

The CPA PEP schedule and program registration forms can be found on the CPA School of Business website.

Module Zero – CPA Canada provides access to Module Zero resources to help you refresh prerequisite knowledge from Core 1 until writing the common final exam (CFE). You will receive instructions on how to access Module Zero content five-to-seven business days after being accepted into CPA PEP. For more information please visit the Module Zero website

Module Zero will be available to all candidates until at least June 2017.

* Note: Students completing legacy prerequisites (CA, CGA, or CMA) will need to complete all of the prerequisites for one of the legacy programs and register in CPA PEP and Core 1 before September 2017. After this date, legacy prerequisites will not be accepted.